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At Team Spark Consulting, we eliminate the guesswork from hiring and inspire every team's member's best with precise role placements based on data and analytics.

Does this sound familiar?

Problem #1

You have the right people, but not in the right spots.

We match organizations with ideal talent for specific roles, unlocking their potential for unprecedented success. Every individual deserves the opportunity to excel in what they are passionate about and exceptionally skilled at.

Problem #2

You have high turnover.

We help visionary business leaders combat "quiet quitting" and burnout. We believe in the uniqueness of every individual's talents, which flourish when nurtured within the appropriate setting. Our expertise lies in transforming negative company cultures and enhancing communication channels, fostering an environment where every employee can thrive.

Problem #3

You don't know who to hire.

Utilizing data and analytics, we identify suitable personality types for the position, eliminating the uncertainty in the hiring process. A compelling interview performance or an impressive resume doesn't guarantee the ideal fit for THIS specific role within YOUR organization.

Meet Tiffany Slowinski...

Tiffany Slowinski is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-owner of two successful franchises alongside her husband, Jake. As a mother of four spirited daughters, Tiffany has found inspiration in both her family life and professional career.

With a solid background as a former Vice President of Sales for a national franchise, Tiffany possesses expertise in optimizing work culture and driving tangible results. Her unique approach focuses on cultivating a positive and productive workplace environment driving both top and bottom line sales. Under Tiffany's leadership, in under three years the franchise count more than doubled.

Under the banner of "Team Spark Advisors: Hire. Retain. Empower the Best Performers," Tiffany integrates the Culture Index into her consulting services. This invaluable tool allows her clients to gain profound insights into their teams, leading to improved communication, heightened productivity, and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Tiffany's educational journey includes earning a Master's degree in Psychology from Columbia University, which bolsters her ability to understand human behavior and its impact on organizations.

Through Team Spark Advisors, Tiffany is dedicated to helping businesses and leaders achieve their goals by fostering strong, purpose-driven cultures and delivering exceptional results. Whether you're seeking to enhance team performance or scale your venture, Tiffany is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of work culture and leadership.



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